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How to recover an expired domain

You should know that domains have a life cycle and, depending on whether they have been registered, if they have expired, etc., they go through different states. Below, we are going to break down the most common to avoid confusion:

Life of a domain.

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- Available or Free The domain is not currently registered by any individual or corporation, so you can register it for ownership.

- Registered or Occupied It means that the domain is already registered. In this status you will only be able to transfer it if you own it. Otherwise you will not be able to take any action.

- Active Once the domain is registered you can use it and link it to a hosting plan if you wish.

- Expired This is when the domain has not been renewed on time and has expired. At this point, first of all, the domain stops working and also goes through different states:

- Redemption Grace Period If it has not been renewed while it was active or in grace period you can still recover the domain, although the price of it will be much higher as there is a penalty. In this state is usually about 30 days.

- Pending Delete Period. At this stage the domain can no longer be renewed and you simply have to wait (about 5 days) for it to become available again.

It is important to know that all domain extensions are´ NOT ´subject to the same duration days in the different states.

Recovering an expired domain

1. If your domain is in Renew Grace Period you will be able to recover it through your SWPanel

Once inside your customer panel, you must go to the Domains and SSL -> Domain Portfolio tab.

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You will see your expired domain with a warning symbol on the left side of it. Drop down the menu on the right -> Recover expired domain.

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You will be added to the SWPanel recovery cart:

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Here you will see the cost of the domain renewal and its recovery cost. You only need to add balance (in case you use SWPanel credits) and accept cart's domain.

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2. If your domain is in any of the other following states( Redemption Grace Period, Pending delete or it has become free again) you will not find it in your control panel. In order to recover it, and / or know its status, you must open an Administrative Ticket or communicate it through a Free support wall

If it is free, you must re-register it from your SWPanel

You can also know its status by doing a WHOIS of it