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SWPanel Quick Guide

In this manual we will show you the basic concepts of your SWPanel. To access it, you must enter in the URL of your browser: www.swpanel.com and enter your username and password.

Once inside, this is what you will see:

*The SWPanel will vary depending on the type of services you hire (if you have Cloud servers, support, security, etc.), but the most basic actions are performed in the same way regardless of the services you have.

In the main dashboard you can see a summary of the services/domains contracted, the queries made on the support wall, available certificates...

Without the need to access any other section of the management panel, we can perform basic actions on them (as long as you do not use organizational containers), from here you will be able to create another service quickly and easily or manage the available services (customize it, change service level, request cancellation, etc.). You can also register or transfer domains or create new SSL certificates for them:

If your payment method is "SWPanel credits" you will be able to see the current balance available and, also by clicking on the icon, add balance to your customer account:

enter image description here

Through the left side menu in blue, you can access the different sections offered by this control tool, the most basic ones are the following:

  1. All my active services: List of all your available services. To the right of each one there is a button [...] "Manage" to perform basic actions on them:

  2. Domains and Certificates: By deploying this option you will be able to access your domain portfolio to visualize all available domains, register or transfer others, manage contacts, hostnames, activate the surveillance of a specific domain, check your domain prices or manage SSL certificates:

  3. SWPanel queues: You can see the process or action queue. If there is any queue that has been stopped or blocked you can restart it from here:

From the top right hand side of your SWPanel, by scrolling down the tab where your logo is displayed, you will be able to go to your customer dashboard, invoices, your commercial offers, SWPanel history and logout:

  1. SWPanel Queues: You can see the process or actions queue. If there is one that has been stopped or blocked, you can restart it from here:

From the top right of your SWPanel, by displaying the tab where your customer name is indicated, you can go to your customer dashboard, invoicing and balances, your commercial offers, reports and service certificates, users of your SWPanel, preferences, configuration of notification emails, historical SWPanel and logout:

enter image description here

  • Customer Dashboard:
    a) Customer data and preferences: Update customer data. Consult the manual
    b) Change of payment method: Choose the payment method that suits you best. Consult the manual
    c) Change of access password. Consult the manual
    d) Definition of invoice sending. Consult the manual
    e) Affiliates network: Be part of our affiliates network and earn money capturing clients for SW Hosting. For more information, please consult the manual.

  • Invoices: You will be able to visualize your invoices, send them to the e-mail of your choice or download them in pdf format; check the balance management, manage your credit cards and check the 347 model of the year of your choice. For more information, please consult the manual.

  • Your commercial offers: Manage the budgets or projects you have generated.

  • SWPanel history: You will be able to see the history of actions performed in your SWPanel and the history of emails sent from the system to your email address. To learn more, see this manual

  • Logout from SWPanel: Logout to close the SWPanel session.

If you click on the gear image at the top right of the SWPanel, a menu will open where you can go to: My SWPanel preferences, SWPanel user management or Notification mail settings: enter image description here

Another important section within your SWPanel is Support. Through this tab you will be able to create queries through the free support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be able to create Administrative Tickets
Finally, you will have at your disposal a knowledge database where you will find a series of manuals and tutorials that will guide you and help you to perform any action through your management panel. If you do not have contracted support, your support tab will look like this:

enter image description here

On the other hand, if you have contracted support your support tab will look different. You will see the contracted minutes you have available to create engineering tickets or phone calls and the option to add more minutes to your support package:

enter image description here

Finally, you always have a quick button to easily and immediately create a service in your customer account:

enter image description here